Alliance Paper has in place compliant environmental policies and procedures that are implemented throughout the company. Our Environmental Policy ensures adoption towards a responsible attitude regarding minimisation and disposal of waste. This policy also supports customers with their environmental initiatives through sales of environmentally friendly products such as FSC® certified and BPA free papers.

FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® Certification

Alliance Paper attained FSC® chain of custody certification in January 2011.

This certification is audited on a regular basis and Alliance must conform to strict guidelines on how the business imports, stores, manufactures and distributes FSC® certified products.

As an organisation, Alliance Paper is always looking at ways of minimising the impact on the environment, and believes strongly in the responsible management of forests for future generations. Alliance Paper customers also make a difference as well as a valued contribution to this philosophy by choosing FSC® certified products.

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Planet Ark partnership

Alliance Paper is proud to announce our partnership with Planet Ark. The collaboration will encourage businesses to choose safer paper products for our health and the environment. The first major goal of the partnership is to transition the retail industry away from using thermal till receipts which contain the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) currently used at many checkouts around Australia.

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BPA Free Paper

Why is BPA on thermal receipts?

The thermal paper on which receipts are often printed is coated with a dye and BPA, or a similar “developer chemical.” When heat triggers a reaction between the dye and the BPA, the black print is revealed.

By using alternative technologies, new thermal imaging is possible by removing BPA without compromising image quality or retention.

Relatively little is known about the effects of the chemical on humans, however our view is that where doubt exists, we need to give our customers a choice. That choice is BPA free.

Alliance Paper ranges the BPA free paper in the popular 80 x 80 format and the paper also carries full FSC® certification.