Changes are afoot in the paper market and at Alliance Paper


Over the past 6 months, the global Thermal Paper market has seen unprecedented challenges in raw material supply, price sensitivity due to constricted product and not a week has passed without schedules and forward orders being re-aligned.  Whilst these things are obviously frustrating and require constant attention and communication, Alliance Paper has worked with all of our loyal customers to deliver to expectations and ensure continued supply.

These challenging supply lines have allowed the Alliance team, to re-assess resources, production schedules, product specifications, product packing and even the environmental issues across many of our products, and the results of these reviews are now being integrated into our day to day business.

The market intelligence from our global sources has confirmed that whilst some easing has occurred in terms of supply of Leuco Dye, manufacturers are yet to “catch-up” with the demand from the Mills.  The impact of this is ensuring that supply and price sensitivity is likely to continue into the last 2 quarters of 2018.  Balancing with the Leuco issue is the pressure now placed on raw material paper pulp.  As China’s growing economy focusses on sustainability and dictates a greener approach, China has dictated the abolition of waste paper into their Mill production – subsequently only accepting White Virgin Long Grain pulp.  This shift in demand is placing added pressure on the availability of raw material for all other paper makers with little time to grow resources at a matched rate to demand.

In the coming months Alliance will streamline the packaging and specification of a range of our Thermal Paper products and will introduce a new range of products that we believe will offer significant opportunities to many of our existing customers.  Rollo will be keeping everyone updated on both email and his Facebook page. Alternatively, please feel free to ring and have a chat with any of our team available to answer your specific questions.

Coinciding with our range reviews, Alliance Paper will commence the relocation to our new bigger site – its just down the road and is being refitted and adapted to accommodate all of the existing resources and logistic infrastructure and is also being developed in readiness for the new equipment that is due to be commissioned later in 2018.

The timing on significant upgrades to resources and the realignment of products is parallel with changes in our Sales team.  After a valued second term at Alliance, Geoff has moved on in preparation of time to spend with the imminent arrival of his first grandchild.  Chris Worchurst has joined the team in the National Commercial Manager role and brings a fresh view and a wealth of experience to the business.

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