Rollo at Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show

Rollo has had a few big days.  From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October, Rollo had the privilege to share the stage at the Brisbane Food and Wine Show with some of Australia’s leading Chefs. 

Rubbing shoulders (and paper) with some of the biggest household names and real movers and shakers in home cooking in Australia, Rollo saw first hand how everyone is starting to embrace his fantastic product.

Rollo Wrap was both a give-away item for attendees at the Princess Cruises Theatre and was on sale across the 3 days of Brisbane’s premier Food and Wine event.

Alistair McLeod, Curtis Stone, Matt Moran, Matt Golinski and Miguel Maestre were all on hand to help Rollo introduce the Rollo Wrap range and provide some cooking tips. 

We are not sure when we will see Rollo putting these to the test, but we know for certain that with Rollo Wrap in the kitchen everyone was doing their bit to minimize waste and making sure that food scraps and baking tray linings were all going to compost not landfill.

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