Go Green, Go Australian Made

Alliance Paper is proud to have changed to local manufacturing for the cores in our thermal rolls. We have partnered with a local Australian business to provide a new, more sustainable recyclable plastic core that use over 75% of recycled plastic to make our new Green, Pink and Black cores for our range of thermal receipt paper rolls. In the coming months, some of our cores will be 100% made from recycled plastic products, truly the circular economy.

Alliance Paper also runs a  core return program that customers can return their core for reuse in a future product. Alliance Paper making the steps to join other leading businesses to become more sustainable in the future around recycling and reuse of waste products.

You can trust Alliance Paper when it comes to safer, BPA-Free and Australian Made thermal receipt rolls.

Use Australian Made products, don’t use an imported receipt roll as you just never know what harmful chemicals you’re going to handle when it comes to an imported paper roll.

Look for the Green Core.

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